Clifford Murray
Founder/CEO of Empowerment for Tomorrow

Empowerment for Tomorrow

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Arguably, the greatest crisis affecting our black community is the “stuff” surrounding the demographic of our black male youth. In the United States, a black male is essentially “under siege” the moment he leaves his mother’s womb. 

Empowerment for Tomorrow believes in order for the black community to finally thrive in all of life’s situations, the young black male moving forward in the next generation, holds the key to a real paradigm shift.  “Getting hold” of the young minds of our black males; incorporating sound and solid principles for them to “lock into” as a foundation, while receiving the love and support from black fathers throughout our community, should go a long way in righting the ship for the future. 

The Empowerment for Tomorrow platform requires fathers and sons (sons between the ages of 14-19) to be present and engaged for benefiting from this vision.

Note: The father doesn't have to be a biological one/a father figure (mentor) will do just fine. (Mothers/women are prohibited in participating in this activity). Let’s take our young men out of the clutches of negativity, and through love, strength, and support, give them the positives needed to establish a solid future.