Clifford Murray
Founder/CEO of Empowerment for Tomorrow

Empowerment for Tomorrow

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Empowerment for Tomorrow

“Preparing our young Black Men for the next generation”

Empowerment for Tomorrow is in response to the crisis that exist within the Black Community concerning our young male youth, however, the mindset of this platform is to be proactive rather than reactive. It’s the desire of the presenter to lay down a foundation that the next generation can utilize for success in moving our community forward.

Requirements for the platform:

  • Fathers/Male Mentor attendance required.
  • Female involvement is excused/prohibited. (see note # below )
  • Young black males between the ages 14-19 required.
  • Full mental focus/interaction required.                                                                                                                                                                                         


Clifford B. Murray

Living in the Charlotte Area since 1998.

Corporate/Professional Background with local companies (Corning, Solectron, Duke Energy).

Bachelor of Science in Technical Management/Business Management.

Veteran of the U.S. Naval Nuclear Submarine Community.

Instructor, Trainer and Curriculum Developer.

#Note: If any mother/female caregiver of a young black male has no male mentor involved in the youth’s life, contact me at the number below to discuss arrangements for the young man’s participation.

Cliff Murray 704-221-7394